I’m watching TV late one night, just like millions of other car guys, and I see yet another ad for a reality car show, “Come on”, I say “do we really need another one of these shows?”

Then I think “That’s what people said about Buckeroo Communications when we started publishing our street rod magazine!  I also remember when Discovery Channel was showing zebras mating and the Learning Channel was showing Egyptian mummies. Now they’re showing car building with personality loving guys at shops any day of the week and any hour of the night. Foose, Coddington, James, Rolling Art and Bryant are just a few names and shows on at any time now. I personally know three to five months is about the right time table for a show to cover the building of a car for TV. Well that seems like way too much time for producer Bud Brutsman of the show “OverHaulin”

Seven days – one week – that’s the build time for this show! Let’s her all the explanations now when a car builder tells new clients that he’ll need about one year to build their dream car.  Brutsman has enlisted the producing help of Chip Foose for this new TV series. Knowing him from his “Ride” TV show that Chip doesn’t sleep, Brutsman has given him a basic two week buffer. You see, Foose sees one week as three weeks – one day is 24 hours, multiplied by seven days equals three weeks of work. The show highlights Foose with other known and talented builders from around the industry. The premise of the show is that the vehicle being overhauled was taken for the project without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Sometimes its even stolen, with the shows host and hostess in on the plot. SO far the show has been Southern California based, taped at a viarity of shops, but it will have to expand – otherwise everyone in LA will want their car taken for “OverHaulin


The kind of vehicle doesn’t matter either, you will see street rods, muscle cars, 4x4 trucks and imports overhauled. Brutsman enlists of known industry figures to personality get involved with the project of the week. Camee Edelbrock of Edelbrock, Tony Genty of Original Parts Group, Todd Gartshore of Baer Brakes, John Hotchkiss of Hotchkiss Performance, Alan Budnik of Budnik Wheels and Mitch Lanzini of Lanzini Body Works are among those who have contributed so far, from just dropping off product for the build to doing the real install to their specifications. Imagine your ride being designed by Chip Foose, with a motor by Eddelbrock, brakes by Baer, suspension by Hotchkiss, custom wheels by Budnik and paint by Lanzini, done in one weeks’ time and it’s yours! Imagine getting your car overhauled and having it be worth close to $100,000. Yeah, baby! Hey Bud, I know where there’s a 70 240Z that needs some OverHaulin.