Q: Do you just work on specialty projects or can anyone bring their car to you?

A: Anyone. Even though we've worked on Overhaulin and done some other pretty cool things, we're also a normal autobody and custom paint shop that works with every insurance company and every type of person that needs our help. Every job and every one is special to us and very welcome here.


Q: Aren't you more expensive than most other shops because of your work on television?

A: Not at all. As a matter of fact, we've often been told that our estimates are actually lower than other shops in certain situations. And collision work paid by an insurance company is not something we even write estimates for as those are written by them and their labor and materials rates are "across the board" industry standard that all independent shops work from.


Q: Can you just give me a "ballpark" figure on how much it will cost to paint my car?

A: No, but please understand why (especially if you're asking us this without even showing a picture of your car): Every car is different, and every car requires a different amount of work in order to get it to the end result (sandblasting, extra body work, more materials, higher paint costs, extra color sanding/buffing, etc.). There are just so many variables with every single job that quoting a "ballpark" figure simply isn't possible. With that said, however, we will try and do our best to quote as reasonable an "end price" as we can, but we have to see and thoroughly inspect your car first. We do recommend, however, that if you want a paint job on a car you only want to keep a year or two, or one you want to turn around and sell, then you should probably contact one of the franchise body shops that specialize in quicker, lower cost paint jobs. We guarantee ours will last a lifetime.


Q: My insurance company recommended me to XYZ Body Shop. How come? Can't I bring my car to you?

A: Yes you can, and by law, your insurance company should tell you that. The only reason they refer their policyholders to certain shops is because those shops have all agreed to accept lower labor rates and part price discounts in exchange for all those referrals. We don't do that (as don't many other independent shops), but that doesn't mean your insurance company won't work with us. On the contrary. Once you bring your car to us, they will send their estimator out and inspect your car with us, which actually works to your benefit as we will make sure everything is included in that estimate that needs to be to get you safely back on the road. And we are very proud to say that even though we aren't considered a "referred" shop by those insurance companies, we've been around so long and have such a strong reputation that many of them refer their policyholders to us anyway.