Midnight Run

Shawn Walkers Swift Jet-Black Twin-Turbo Supra
Text & Photos By Shaun Carlsom

Turbo & Hi- Tech Performance

With 320 high-tech horses pulling on the reins and racebred unpinning providing stability and agility that can produce .98gs on the skidpad, the Toyota Supra twin-turbo was at the top of its calss when it lost its turbos at the end of 1996 model year. With a price tag in the $48,000 it was an expensive date, but it sure could dance—0.60 in 5.4 second and 13.7-second quarter mile performance. While many think the Supra can only be enjoyed by older, more established adults, this extremely clean Jet-Black 1994 example is owned by 22-year-old Shaun Walker of Northbridge, California.

After purchasing the Supra, Shaun decided he wanted to improve the horsepower output of the car but at the same time retain the drivability and reliability of the Toyota powerplant.  Upon reading about Rod Millen Motorsports in Turbo magazine, Shaun contacted Rod’s son Rhys Millen to discuss upping the 2JZ-GTE’s power production. Once Shaun delivered the car to Rod Millen’s huge facility in Huntington Beach, California, the transformation from mild to wild began.

With the factory exhaust hardware in the trash, Rhys and Matt Hunt bolted on a Rod Millen Motorsports non-restrictive downpipe to help expel spent exhaust gases out the turbine housings. Along with the Rod Millen Motorsports downpipe, Rhys added a stainless-steel GReddy exhaust system consisting of 80mm tubing, a straight-through-design muffler and a 130mm polished exhaust tip. With the exhaust system up to spec, Rod Millen Motorsports turned its attention toward the intake tract. To gain additional airflow to the Toyota CT – 12 turbochargers, an aluminum RS Akimoto intake tube was bolted on along with a GReddy Airinx air filter. In place of the stock blow-off valve, a GReddy Type-S version was bolted on to help eliminate compressor surge during quick deceleration under boost. The only other additional engine compartment modifications were the addition of th GReddy PRofec electronic boost controller stepping motor and a few steel-braided hoses. The stepping motor was solid-mounted to the body directly underneath the Airinx filter.

With the ability to control boost pressure with the GReddy PRofec, Rod Millen Motorsports decided to perform a custom ROM-tune to keep air/fuel ratios and ignition timing tables at safe limits. With six 550cc injectors, and HKS Fuel Cut Defenser  (FCD) and the stock fuel pump, Rod Millen Motorsports programmed the ECU to deliver enough fuel for maximum boost pressure of 22 psi at the intake manifold on pump gas. With simple calculations, the 2JZ-GTE inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine should be pumping out

Somewhere in the 400-plus horsepower range. Not too bad for a basically stock powerplant.  Blitz Racing
From the beginning of the project, Shaun wanted to build his Supra the Japanese-way. With that in mind, Shaun contacted Zen Motorsports of Torrance, California to help import a full Blitz GT942 body kit from Japan for the JZ80. Although extremely expensive and hard to get into the United States, Zen Motorsports came through and delivered the four-piece fiberglass body kit to Mitch Lanzini of Lanzini Bodyworks located in Huntington Beach, California. While at Lanzini Bodyworks, Mitch and his crew went to town fitting, smoothing and blocking the Blitz body kit before applying several flawless coats of two-stage (base coat and clear coat) black paint to the fiberglass. After the paint was dry, Lanzini Bodyworks color-sanded and buffed the kit to a high-luster finish before attaching it to the JZ80 body.
To help out with the handling aspect of the car, a GReddy front strut mount brace, 2.5-inch lowered Eibach coil springs and 8-way adjustable GAB struts were installed to lower the center of gravity, improve handling and to eliminate the gap between the 18x8.5 and 18x10.5 Blitz Racing Type 01 wheels wrapped with 235/40-18 and 265/35-18 Falken radials. Shaun purchased the Blitz Racing wheels from Zen Motorsports

and noticed they were a total of 28 pounds lighter than the stock wheels and tires. Twenty eight pounds might not seem like much, but when you’re dealing with rotational weight, that’s a lot. Helping slow the beast down are huge factory Toyota four-piston aluminum calipers and 13.5-inch rotors.

The Cockpit, Although not visible with the custom-made sheep-skin covers, the interior of Shaun’s Supra is completely wrapped with black leather that perfectly matches the Momo Monte Carlo tiller. To spice up the interior, Shaun contracted Darkside Motoring of Chatsworth, California to attach a set of titanium Razo sport pedals to the existing hardware. Afterward, Shaun removed the stock clock and replaced it with a 60mm black-face GReddy boost gauge. In addition to the boost gauge, Shaun mounted a GReddy turbo timer and PRofec in the dash for easy viewing and access.
From the beginning of the project, Shaun’s battleplan for the car has been to make it as quick as possible in the quarter mile without sacrificing handling or reasonable comfort. In addition to drag racing, Shaun enjoys road racing at local tracks and dry lake beds in his spare time. Although he has owned the car for about a year, Shaun feels his

Project has just begun. Presently, Shaun is building a full-race engine to replace the factory unit. This new engine will be stuffed with Crower rods, JE pistons and a host of other performance parts. Within no-time at all, Shaun plans on his JZ80 to be one of the fastest and quickest Supras to cruise the streets of the west coast.

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After evacuating the turbine housings, exhaust gases are expelled through a Rod Millen downpipe and a Trust 80mm exhaust system with a polished stainless-steel muffler and 130mm tip.

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To produce more than 400 horsepower, the 2JZ-GTE 3.0-liter inline six cylinder utilizes two stock Toyota CT-12 turbochargers pumping out 22 psi of boost, six factory 550cc injectors, and HKS FCD, GReddy PRofec electronic boost controller, Type-S blowoff, GReddy Airinx air filter and a Rod Millen ROM-tune.

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Attaching the GReddy Airinx filter to the inlet of the turbos is a polished aluminum RS Akimoto intake tube which allows a smoother flow of air into the twin hair dryers.

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To help eliminate compressor surge, Rod Millen replaced the original blow-off valve with a GReddy Type-S version. Compressor surge occurs when the throttle is suddenly closed under boost and pressurized air backtracks into the compressor housing where it contracts the compressor wheel which puts undue stress on the wheel, shaft and bearings.

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To move additional air into the Toyota CT-12 turbos, Rod Millen replaced the stock air box and element with a GReddy Airinx filter.

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Complementing the Japanese Blitz body kit and rear wing are 18x10.5-inch Blitz Type 01 racing wheels and 265/35-18 Falken rubber mounted to the independent rearend.
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In place of the stock Supra-style rear wing is a one-piece fiberglass Blitz version that was color-matched Mitch Lanzini of Lanzini Bodyworks located in Huntington Beach, California.

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With the targa top on or off, Shaun’s Supra looks extremely intimidating thanks to the Blitz body kit and 18-inch rolling stock imported by Zen Motorsports. Included with the body kit was a new front bumper, two side skirts and a one-piece rear wing. Lanzini Bodyworks is responsible for the amazingly smooth and flat fiberglass body panels along with the perfect color match.

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In place of the factory clock, Shaun installed a black-face 60mm GReddy boost gauge to accurately monitor intake manifold boost pressure.

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A GReddy PRofec electronic boost controller resides on top of the steering column shroud and regulates boost pressure to 22 psi.

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Although the interior remains basically stock, Shaun contracted Darkside Motoring of Chatsworth, California to bolt on a Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel to spice up the cabin’s black leather wrapped upholstery.

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Adding a bit of the Auto Salon- look to the Supra, Darkside Motoring attached a set of Razo titanium pedals to the existing hardware.

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The factory front rolling stock was replaced with 18x8.5 three-piece Blitz Type 01 racing wheels wrapped by 235/40-18 Falken GRB radials.

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Chillin’ with his 94 Supra, Shaun Walker plans on adding several more performance mods such a huge front-mount intercooler, twin HKS turbos, a high-performance clutch, bigger fuel injectors, etc. In a few months Shaun’s Toyota should be one of the fastest late-model Supras around.