G&L Adds 70’s Muscle to its Lineup

by Alan Cross February 2015


1970 was a golden year for muscle cars in America. Back then, it was all about speed and power. A Dodge Challenger of that year had a sticker price of just $4,056, and it came loaded with a 426 cubic-inch V-8, 425 horsepower engine. So what if it only got 10 miles per gallon—gas would always be cheap, right? Though we no longer live in those times, G&L is paying homage with their new Detroit Muscle R/T series.  There are two S-types available. This model is the Legacy:


To ensure that the colors were accurate, G&L turned to Mitch Lanzini, owner of world famous Lanzini Body Works (featured on TV’s Overhaulin’ show). The project made perfect sense to Lanzini, who has been a G&L player for decades: “Back in the day, Leo Fender would go to the automotive paint store and look at the colors, and that’s where your Sherwood Forest Green, Seafoam Green, and Fiesta Red came from. Those are all car colors.”