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September 2010 No. 321
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Lanzini Ford Coupe (1993 )
This 1933 Ford - owned coach Mitch Lanzini - recognized is the irrefutable proof of the talent of Chip Foose and Lanzini own , those responsible for its restoration and customization . The , auto starred in an episode of Overhaulin and now wanders through various exhibitions , collecting awards and praise in equal measure.

tuning : Lanzini ford coupe (1993 )

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Mitch Lanzini is the director of Lanzini Body Works . The company started ' its activities in 1993 . It was founded by Mitch and Tara 's own Lanzini . They themselves define the company as an adventure driven by a shared obsession : cars and everything that surrounds them. Mitch showed ' signs of their future and in his early childhood growing up in Whittier , California.

Like most children , Mitch was captivated by the world of Matchbox and Hot Wheels , but unlike his friends, he used them to break them, but took care of them , shined and improved in order to display them. As a teenager , Mitch left ' side gave toys to spend much of his free time in the workshops of the city , watching and learning from those who made ​​their living with cars.

At 14 years Mitch bought a 80 cc Yamaha motorcycle that all known cataloged as " a lost cause " . But three weeks after the vehicle was launched , after being resurrected also aesthetically . That same spirit led him to completely overhaul a pickup truck - Datsun in 1982 - is to - virtio in the first of his creations to appear on the cover of a magazine . It would not be the only one , of course. Nor the last . Lanzini creations Body Works have dozens of magazine covers to his credit.

But in addition to working for others, and have painted 25 vehicles for the TV show Overhaulin , Mitch enjoys his passion through his 1933 Ford Coupe . And asylum explains: " I ​​have the car since 2001 and is working at an early stage , although the bulk of the work was done in two years. The first thing we did was the hood of the car . It is made in 3 parts - is A design of Chip Foose - and demanded a lot of effort and work. 's car for now , stay well . there is no plan for the moment . " This is surely because the transformation process was quite extensive : "The car patiently waited 8 years to emerge from anonymity . Has about 1000 hours of work. Much of it is consumed in preparing the surface for paint job , which is very complex .

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Make: Ford
Model: Coupe 1933
Engine: 350 Chevrolet
Power: 400 HP
Wheels : Foose
Tyres: Pirelli
Exhaust System: Magnaflow

A work of this magnitude must be assessed $ 150,000 or so. " The summary of the process could be seen in one of the chapters of the 2008 season of Overhaulin . Leugo , adds : " People like the color and appearance of the car in general because it is ' unique. The good thing is that usually take the time to appreciate it. Is this ' fact many small details that in some cases are handmade and only for this vehicle . " Noting the car and customization work .

Clearly that is truly unique and worth every minute you spend the public . And every award that the public devotes . And every award she received , because "in each event he attends receives a prize ," said Lanzini . In 2009 and 2010 has been awarded several times , but its owner clarifies that not reformed ' with intent to collect medals, but to take a taste. The bodywork of the Ford '33 was drastically modified . The grill is now stainless steel , and won this part of the front end ' in sight, with gleaming chrome . The roof lost ' height , and the vast majority of the moldings were deleted. The rear lights were removed and instead the ilumanacion is now in charge of a long, thin LED taillight . 100% of the bodywork was painted with Gold Candy. Color is ' unique in the world . Hoops - with chrome - termination are Deseno Chip Foose , Pirelli tires and shoes .

Chip Foose is responsible for the interior design . Even the steering wheel is a creation of his. For interior conto ' with the collaboration of Gabe Lopez , while the wheel is machined orba Mike Curtis . The Ford engine is , paradoxically , a Chevrolet 350 . Does your custom deck , and painted block . All the rest is painted , chromed or polished , which gives it a unique aesthetic . The exhaust system is one of the highest points of the preparation . It is the responsibility of Rod Sexton, who entrusted ' in Magnaflow to assemble. Thanks to the reforms received ' , offers 400 HP maximum power .