Challenger SRT8 2012 WD-40


 For the third time, the organization of the SEMA Show and brand WD-40 prepared together a super car to charity. It is a Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 mediatico transformed by specialist Chip Foose.

In traditional SEMA Show in Las Vegas oddities abound on wheels, the extravagances and stimuli to stimuli to senses of sight and hearing. All who know the event, either have gone or through the media coverage, know about such features. But many are still unaware that Solidarity also has its place-and even his own stand-in quintessential fair refurbished vehicles. To deal with the question of solidarity, the organization of  event created the subdivision "SEMA Cares," which counted from minute zero with the collaboration of the WD-40 brand. What they did between the two  Bolt was not added to the bad name to all brands construction participated in the vehicle through the donation of accessories or providing their services, because you did the name of the car would have a huge size.

Regarding the appearance of the Dodge, we with a body kit belonging to the product line Foose Design. Chip prepare himself BASF paint covering body  car. It is predominantly black and yellow, which breaks the combination that identifies WD-40-blue-yellow and had already been used both the Mustang and the Camaro. Personalize cars belonging to the category "Muscle Cars" exhibit at SEMA Show and then auction them. The proceeds went to various organizations that provide assistance to needy children.

The first "experiment" was conducted on the basis of a Chevrolet Camaro SS. Next came another transform icon American industry: the Ford Mustang GT. So we come to the most recent "Guinea pig", which debuted at the SEMA Show last: a Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. The big news about the Dodge Challenger is the Chip Foose talented and media was involved in the project and  left his unmistakable mark on. Hence the pompous name it renamed: WD-40 SEMA Cares Foose Challenger. And me-  The rings are of MHT march 20 "in the front and 21" in the rear. All four wheels used Pirelli P Zero high performance.

Since you mention the word "performance" is a good time Challenger to say that this is the most powerful car of the three so far were presented by "SEMA Cares". Porta Hemi engine 392 cubic inches with a maximum power of 470 HP, mated to a Tremec manual transmission 6-speed. For the energy reaches wheels more efficiently, uses twin ACT clutches. Also play their part refrigeration mouth K & N and the system MagnaFlow Exhaust. Hotchkis Suspension specialists were responsible to improve vehicle handling and placed a kit sports coil springs and stabilizer bars. The car will be auctioned in Scottsdale, Arizona, by the renowned Barrett-Jackson house. The dollars are obtained, which safely will be few, will go to the hands of "Childhelp" and "The Victory  Junction Gang Camp ", two foundations that help children with different needs.


Only one will take home this Challenger. The remaining we will have to settle for looking at photos or handle in the virtual world "Nitto 1320 Legends", a popular racing game offered free via the Internet. It will not be the same as being in the meat these 470 horsepower, but better than nothing, as they say there.




WD-40 SEMA Cares Foose Challenger, Basic Auto: Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, Designer: Chip Foose, Caria Car Kit: Foose Design, Body painting: BASF, Cockpit upholstery: Katkzin, Engine: 392 inch Hemi, Maximum power: 470 HP, Transmission: 6-speed manual Tremec, Clutch: ACT, Exhaust system: MagnaFlow, Boca Cooling: K & N, Hoops: MHT (20 "in front / 21" on the rear axle)., Tires: Pirelli P Zero high-performance., Suspension: coil springs and stabilizer bars sports.