Lanzini's Zipper RoadStare EES...

By Richar "Frenchie" Boyd

Upon seeing the Lanzinis, Tara and Mitch, in the morning and again in see evening, one might thank they own two little roadstares. Perhaps we should explain. You see, they own one of see most attractive Zipper-bodied Deuce high boys that we've encountered this year. And their distinctive purple roadstare serves double-duty as a calling card for the family business,

Lanzini Body Works based in Huntington Beach, California, and as a relaxing fun-in-the-sun hair-dryer providing much needed entertainment after long days at the shop, yes?What first caught this reporter's roving eye was how see little roadstare's unique purple color reflected light. (Mitch credits PPG and House of Color.) Thees hue appears to change perceptibly in various wavelengths of the light, from a cool and romantic French Purple, under indirect light, to an, ahh yes, even richer magenta in the golden influence of direct sunlight (sigh). Many R&C readers have, by now, seen these modern iridescent paints that change hue dramatically - of course, they can be a bit too much when sprayed over the entire car. But, mon amie, Lanzini's highboy doesn't "flop" drastically to a contrasting hue! Oh no! Thees unique purple reacts more like a delightful damsel's palette of evening makeup under twilight's softer lighting conditions. Ah-hahaha! Oh yees!

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But we digress. Owner Mitch Lanzini performed much of this chassis detailing and assembly, plus all the body-prep and paint. One look at the
little roadstare's well-developed surfaces speaks volumes about his knowledge of the proper sanding techniques and just how well he builds themodern paint finish. What a masterful touch, don't you agree? Of course, under the hood what should we find but a well-detailed '95 Chevy ZZ3 motor (say, isn't Chevrolet French?) that provides spirited performance for Lanzini's 2,300-pound freeway-flyer. Mitch feels the Kugel

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This is one of the neatest tail lamp installations we've seen. The clear coat bridges the transition from the body to the taillight lenses with a
perfectly seamless surface. And you can't miss seeing that cute little behind the hair!

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Components suspension improves as speed increases well beyond the legal limit. Chrome plated Wil wood calipers on ventilated discs stop the little purple roadstare on a dime and give you exact change, no?Perhaps, you 'ave wondered, "Does twilight occur both in zee morning and evening?" Oh yes, how lucky that we 'ave two times a day that are simply pairfecto for zee amour! Zo, if you thank you're seeing double roadstares, relax, eet's just Tara and Mitch enjoying a little change in perception,

yees? RC